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Day 15: Friday 20th Jan

James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

What simple but powerful words James writes here. Often we expect God to make the first move in our lives. We say “Where is God in my situation? Why isn’t He speaking to me?” – but the question is, have you been seeking Him?

As we fast and pray we are humbling ourselves before God to seek Him; we are drawing near to Him and God responds to those who draw near to Him. He is a motion-sensitive God – as we move, He moves. And as Samuel says, Those who honour Him, He will honour!

Prayer Points:

Pray for marriages and for singles, for the healing of hurts and unforgiveness within marriages, for restoration of love and healing of wounds. Pray for strong marriages grow even stronger. Pray for singles that they will be purposeful in their season of singleness, for self-control and protection from wrong relationships, for God’s guidance in choosing the right partner.

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