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We believe in the biblical principles of tithes & offerings: if everyone gives the first 10% (tithe) of their income into the storehouse (church). This provides the resource to create a healthy community and organisation.

Offerings are also optional on top of a tithe.

Standing Order - fill out the form available at the info desk, or set it up via your online banking (contact the office or bank details)

Bank Transfer/Faster Payment - our bank details are available at the info desk or over the phone 0161 7861440

Credit Card - contact the office 0161 7861440, or fill out the slip in the giving envelope

4. Charity Checkout

* CharityCheckout charges 5% on all donations plus payment processing fees.


Lighthouse receives the funds from CharityCheckout on the 20th of the month following the month the donation was given.

CharityCheckout can not process gift aid for the Lighthouse, however, because their system is "one size fits all", they still keep 5% of the gift aid value, even though they never process it for us.

Gift aid: If you would like to gift aid your donation , please consider another payment (faster payment, standing order, credit card over the phone), or make sure you sign the Gift Aid declaration for the Lighthouse (available on the information desk, or on every giving envelope).

Give your Sunday offerings using your smartphone!

For this you’ll need the Givt app, download the Givt app at

After downloading you can directly enter your email address and start giving. You can complete your registration at a later time.

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Give one-off donations using your smartphone. 

This involves a simple one-time set up to register your payment card which takes just a couple of minutes.


Text: CM008 to 64647


A link will be sent to you which will allow you to complete the details necessary.

3. G300

300 People  //  £20 per month  //  1 Building

Every 3 months we pay £25,000 for

rent in our current campus.


You may also set up a standing order to make your giving faster and easier.

G300+ Is for companies wishing to contribute.

5. Sunday offering / First Fruits

Our first fruits offering is held as a special offering in church services on the first Sunday of every month. We usually designate these funds to a specific area of our church life i.e. Minibus transport, youth work, equipment, LIM missions work.

Envelopes are on every other chair if you wish to give during any of our services.

Cheques can be made payable to

‘Lighthouse Christian Centre’.


6. LIM

Lighthouse International Ministries is our sister charity and very much part of our DNA.

We are building people's lives across India and Romania.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is the best way to make the most of what you contribute! When you donate with Gift Aid we can reclaim 25p for every pound you give - making your money go further.

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