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FirstFruit Sunday
Pastor Paul

We have over 150 people away this weekend at our New Wave Conference but don't worry we haven't forgotten you! Ps Paul will be sharing the word at 9am & 11am with Ps Alex sharing at 2pm. If you've got kids at the weekend away why not hit the 2pm service whilst you wait for them to return?

Our 11am is pretty full so why not consider joining us at 9am OR 2pm to create space for growth.

If you can't make it in person then find us on Facebook and YouTube from 11am. You do not need to have accounts on these platforms to watch. Make sure you like and subscribe on those platforms to get notified when we go live! 



In the month of April our FIRSTFRUIT offering is going towards The Message Trust South Africa. We are always so happy to support the great work they are doing in South Africa so please consider a gift.

You can give at any point during April by using a FIRSTFRUIT envelope or marking your gift 'FirstFruits'

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